Tuesday, January 27, 2009


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One more cool thing... for the Year's END...

I love Carsten Holler. I know as a curator, someone once told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously, that perhaps doing a show with this artist wasn't going to put me there. But I think he's awesome, and he does show with Gagosian. And this is at the Gugg. Not bad for not being serious. Here's to Realness in '09 and planning for futures. xo FP Betty, thanks to everyone coming out and picking up our issues, for all the contributors and folks doing rad shit who inspire us. I've always felt inspiration comes from leaving my comfort zone. This hotel room could be that place. Happy Holidays, rest up for the big one...

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Wrap it UP.

We're working on a new blog that will link directly with our firstpersonmag.com site. It will be full of goodies that you will want to hit almost as much as yr facebook / myspace pages, wittled down to just our pick of events, shows, reviews, and faves weekly. An online version of the magazine will feature interviews with bands, artists and all of the cool above once we get live for '09. Thanks and we'll be sure to post once we juice IT UP.

Happy New Year, already.. phew!

Love this cartoon.. kinda says it all for me on a personal and biz level. xo


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sometimes it's hard to find it... sometimes there's not enough time in the day...in this cold weather season, when opportunities like Miami Basel come around, and I find myself on the West Coast feeling so far away from the day to day interaction with the art world, I have to just look harder. I want to take the time to go to Mollusk soon to check out their new gallery show. I want to see new bands like Jonesin' at RVCA do their boombox jam, and then sometimes I just wanna swim in that social pool. Through the First Person Magazine publication and this blog, I want to give back all the radness that folks have taken the time to make so that people like me, who are looking for it, can be inspired. Communicating this world inside of us to the outside world, and showing this keeps me going and the magazine. Tonight I went online instead after indulging in my weekly television show, which is starting to feel like a trailer for its upcoming episode without having any guts in the current viewing but I was happy to find interviews online with curators like Francesco Bonami whom I've always admired. I guess when I was living in Paris, and I was feeling noncommunicative at breakfast time, I read the entire back catalogue of the old Index magazine online, and I felt as if I was eavesdropping on some great conversations, which is what I'd like to continue to do with First Person. To generate an interest in creative diversity and global communication of music and arts that I find inspiring. So, when yr cold and run out of books to curl up with, just fiddle with some photoshop, garage band, surf online a bit, and call your loved ones. It's weird, but my two fave shows have narrators in them, and maybe I'm beginning to sound a bit like one myself. When in doubt, check the moon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Get Over It and LIVE

The new-ish Martin Puryear show at the SFMoMa is awesome. And in these grey times, waiting out the recession or any other crappy situation you might be experiencing this time of year, here's a perfect chance for escapism: An art show that is just a feel good inspiration without sex, collage, or penis all over it. Puryear was about removing himself as much as possible from the equation and letting the object be the center of attention. Although his work was full of emotion and ideas, he had this total adoration for the craft of working with wood. In contemporary times of computer manipulation, a million assistants and casting objects by high end shmancy industries and factories, this dude took the time to study since a very young age the craftsmenship of working with his hands, and later transcending his learned skills from the top furniture makers and electric tool-less dudes in Africa who made things stick together the old fashion way of notching, etc. into creating objects that inspire, might I suggest going in the daytime, having a fucking fresh juice and just going for it balls to the wall straight to the top floor of the SFMoMa? It's free on first Tuesdays, but I think you'll find this exhibition worth every penny. This dude even took young green saplings and shaped them together while they matured. I mean, who does that? Maybe someone in Africa, and maybe he learned a staple or two from his time in Stockholm. Anyway, they look like huge old tinker toys, but a bit more whimsical and well, shit at least go step into the SFMoMa atrium if you don't believe me and get a free peak at the 60' branch ladder that points to the Matthew Barney Drawing Restraint remnants. And I think you'll want to see more.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Le Croc Monsieurs

Fuck yeah..
last night i saw some San Diego bands and thank gawd, they still have it going ON. the Crocodiles singer of previous band, "the plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower" was fucking hot hot hot amazing. from the land that invented skinny pants 15 years ago, duh, the sex, raw, mod shit was making me HIGHER. and the Dum Dum Girls they played with were like seeing Debbie Harry except with masks and of course, black clothes (another SD band). And their DJ was this dude from the all boys highschool brethren to my all girls highschool who had a mushroom haircut back in the day and "got together" with my best friend. Oh, those shoegazer boys with their shoegazing bands.. used to run around the tunnels late at night drunk thru the tunnels underneath our campus and write our names in their undies and hang em in the courtyard the next day... and Michael would print fake Morrissey tickets for all of us to go to the Arena shows and we'd follow their cars to their hotels and strewn them with gladiolas and hang out.

anyway, Crocodiles rule. fucking HOT. Back to my roots. Thank. You. Boys!

Crocodiles - Refuse Angels from christin turner on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Congrats, OMG.

No one's really mentioned this to my knowledge, but like has anyone noticed how like every top designer or every other at least is Asian American??? From our darling Alexander Wang, who just won the most coveted $200,000 New York designer award from the CFDA to Michelle Obama's fave scandalous or deemed rather "unconventional" dress for the acceptance speech at the DNC by Thakoon? Well, here it is folks .. from Doo.ri, Richard Chai, Philip Lim, Vera Wang, Derek Lam, so on and so forth, I just wanted to say, congrats on being awarded and recognised based on merit, like President Elect Barack Obama, not just having your ethnicity at the forefront of what you do. But what you're doing and how. Much love to everyone sweating out this fucking recession and keep on trucking!